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OTB Jaay 1 Month ago

BIG 30 - FIRST DAY OUTDownload BIG 30 - FIRST DAY OUT mp3 song and video mp4, 3gp from BIG 30 - FIRST DAY OUT mp3 files (03:05 Min) source planetlagu, metrolagu, gaana, gudanglagu, pagalworld, stafaband just for review. List of song BIG 30 - FIRST DAY OUT Mp3 full album.

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Info & Statistics

  • Title: BIG 30 - FIRST DAY OUT
  • Video by: OTB Jaay
  • Duration: 03:05 Min
  • Size: 2.82MB
  • Audio: 44,1 kHz, Stereo, 320 kb/s, MP3
  • Date: 1 Month ago

BIG 30 - FIRST DAY OUT Song Lyric

Nigga say, "How you gon' make a 'First Day Out,' you ain't been locked up nothin' but five, six days?"
We ain't doin' no sittin, pussy
Our lawyers paid, bond paid, we gettin' money
Hey, let's go

Yes, they let me back up on the block
First I need a eight of Wock' and drive me back up to my block
Went from flexin', showing off my Cartier to watchin' clock
Bitch, I'm thuggin', I been out two days and still I ain't got chopped
Brushin' [?] out my VV's, know y'all thought this shit was over
How the fuck he safe, big talk, convicted felon with that toaster
Big slime, king cobra, cross you out, and fuck you over
Told them them bitches exactly how I'm comin' the month of October
No I don't need no [?] her, nigga played, won't hear from her
I can send a hit from my cell, still got status like Obama
Known for givin' niggas hell, then introduce them to that trauma
Feds knowin' damn well I rap, but charge me like a runner
This ride'll never stop, I got a C8 in the V8
'Kay, it's BGB the set, tell the free press that I'm big great
Police is broke as fuck, I make a fifty up in each state
I'm not with all that commissary, shit, BIG30 eat steak
I never sweated shit about no bond, it's endless, we paid
Back up in my cell, playin' spades, waitin' on my release date
Five-7 on my, not my car, you know know this Charger straight eight
Big boy, offend what's on my waist gon' cut you like a switchblade
Bitch, I'm a kill switch, send a nigga to his home, you know we kill shit
Come and see 'bout him, I'm Winchester and Killbranch
You got the right to remain silent, how you still snitch?
Your big homie got my intent, he a real bitch (A bitch)
And you know [?] 'bout gang, but we kill shit
A fifty thousand dollar bond, bitch, I'm still rich
I'm Choppa Gang [?]
You know we kill shit
Pussy, you know we kill shit

Choppa Gang Ent., baby
You know what's goin' on, Brick Gang illest
Man, I'm back, bitch
Fuck you talkin' 'bout
We got Murder in the booth, we got G in the booth with me, it's up

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